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Non-Italian speaking users can find all the information and documents useful to those who want to know more about the Italian tax system, the Italian Revenue Agency and the services it provides to taxpayers. Among others, the forms used by non-residents for the direct identification for VAT purposes, and VAT refunds. We hope that the English version of our website could be a useful tool, a source of information and assistance on Italian citizens need a Taxpayer Identification Number, which is required for all dealings with Public Bodies and Administrations, and a VAT Number to start a business. How to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number: You can obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number by presenting a valid identity document, passport or residence permit at any Local Revenue Agency Office. A birth certificate or self-certificate by a parent is sufficient for new-born children.
If your taxpayer card is lost or stolen, you can request a duplicate at your Local Revenue Agency Office. Duplicates can also be requested via Internet or by contacting our Call-Contact Centre. 848.800.444. How to obtain a VAT Number: You must apply for a VAT Number within 30 days of starting a business.
This can be obtained at any Local Revenue Agency Office by presenting an identity document if you are the owner of a sole proprietorship, or an identity document of the legal representative of a company if you are a partner. Applications can also be made via Internet, or through an authorized intermediary (accountant, CAF Tax Assistance Centre ) with on-line Entratel access. Variations in data or termination of business must be communicated within the same time period and through the same channels as indicated above for applications. Non-resident UE citizens can present a declaration of identity (…), either in person or through a nominee, to Ufficio di Roma 6, via Canton, 10 - 00144 RM, or send it by registered mail.

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Alcamo, Buseto Palizzolo, Calatafimi Segesta, Castellammare del Golfo, Custonaci, Erice, Favignana, Paceco, Pantelleria, San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani, Valderice.
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